How to Search Everything Within Custom Post Types

How to Search Everything in Custom Post Types
If you’re using Custom Post Types in your WordPress site, you might assume that your site search will display those posts along with the standard posts and pages in search results. However, WordPress actually has to be told to not only search custom post types, but a little extra work is needed to find in search all of the additional information that you might be storing in custom fields. Here’s a quick and easy way to search EVERYTHING within Custom Post Types.

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Dre Armeda Becomes a Partner at WebDevStudios!

Leadership Team

A little over one year ago, taco fanatic and stellar beard owner Dre Armeda joined the WebDevStudios team as our VP of Operations. In that time, Dre has done what he does best: kick ass, take names, and make things happen. As a result, we are excited to announce that he will be stepping into a bigger role in the years to come as an executive partner on the WebDevStudios team, as well as moving into a new role as Chief Marketing Officer.

Why are we telling you?

This is huge news! Since the last year since Dre came on, we’ve moved from twenty something employees to thirty five. With the swift and steady growth we’ve had, it is more important than ever for us to use our operational resources intelligently; formalizing our marketing and sales resources with concentrated leadership is one way for us to do that. Plus, Dre has been killin’ it and it deserves a public shout out.

What does this mean for the future?

One of our core company values has always been to serve as an educational and community resource. This change can help us do that in that in bigger and better ways as we get bigger and better too. You’ll be seeing us at more events (and in bigger numbers! #WDSPARTY!), continued incredible content from our team, and continued partnerships with amazing organizations that help folks out like Happy Joe.

This is a step toward building a team that exclusively focuses on our marketing and sales, too! We want to elevate the level of engagement, communication, and support for our clients. We want to make our support team and messaging as powerful as our technical team (which packs quite the punch, if we may say so ourselves!).

We’re excited for you to join us on this new venture! Join us in sending a congrats to Dre over @dremeda, too!


Getting Started with SEO and WordPress


As WordPress continues to grow, online business continues to become more and more competitive, so naturally, search engine optimization (SEO) continues to be a top priority for many of our clients.

A large majority of the sites we build are for clients migrating from another open source platform or a proprietary content management system (CMS) over to WordPress. One of the many reasons for this, aside from the opportunity to work with our amazing team at WDS, is that clients have heard WordPress is easy to manage and that it’s really great for SEO–both of which are completely true. However, there is very much a right and wrong way to go about getting started with SEO and WordPress (spoiler: it’s a bit more work than just hitting the Staples Easy Button in the Dashboard!).

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How To Make a Custom Field For CMB2

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CMB2 is pretty much the best. It makes it super easy to add fields all over your site and it comes with a ton of useful fields by default. There are also a ton of community made fields out there for extending it with even more functionality!

Sometimes though you need something very specific–a field that doesn’t fit in with any of the fields built into CMB2. Don’t abandon hope; adding new field types to CMB2 is super simple! There are really only two things you need to define for any custom field: what the actual field markup is and how the data is saved. Luckily, CMB2 provides two easy hooks to give you this power!

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Testing Websites on Real Devices with Browsersync


Developing websites these days involves a lot of testing on different devices and browsers. Services like CrossBrowserTesting and Browser Stack make this much easier, but it’s still unrealistic to boot up a testing session every time you make a change to your local site. You also don’t get the experience of using an actual device—site performance, device capabilities, how colors and fonts are represented, etc. There are just some things an emulator can’t emulate. Even with using physical devices, it’s just as time-consuming to reload every device, and this time only grows exponentially with each device you add to the mix.

So what’s a front end developer to do? Thankfully there is a great solution, and it starts with an open source project called Browsersync. Browsersync saves you time and lets you keep an eye on lots of different devices and browsers at once, without having to reload for each change you make. Browsersync synchronizes clicks, scrolling, and typing with all of the browsers and devices you’re using. It also injects any CSS or HTML changes you make into the pages so you don’t have to reload each time you update a file.

If you’re already using Grunt or Gulp, it’s pretty easy and painless to incorporate Browsersync into your existing workflow. For this tutorial, I’ll be walking you through using it with Grunt, but the Browsersync website has lots of information on using it with other task runners.

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Oh hi, Pacific Northwest PHP! We see you.

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Pacific Northwest PHP is coming up very soon and kicking off the beginning of fall September 10th-12th in Seattle! A bunch of PHP nerds will be getting together to share their knowledge and meet other awesome folks in the tech community, and yes, some of our folks will be there too!

One of our awesome devs, Ben Lobaugh, will be speaking, and you won’t wanna miss it!

Here’s more info about his presentation, as well as a few others that piqued our interest:

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Replacing Default WordPress User Dropdowns with an AJAX Solution

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WordPress’s default dropdowns for Authors and Parent Pages in WP Admin work well for most setups, but sometimes the large number of users can slow page load and exhaust memory. A solution that I like is replacing the user dropdown with Select2 and use AJAX to load results. Below, I include some code that uses select2 version 3.5.0 and walk you through how to solve this problem.

Replacing the Authors dropdown can be achieved by using the “wp_dropdown_users” filter.

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Let’s Talk Cron

We’ve all heard about it, and we’ve all had to deal with it: Missed posts! It’s especially painful if you depend on your post content to get out on time, or worse, if you’re scheduling your posts to a social media outlet of some sort! In this post I hope to show you how WP_Cron works, and how it’s kind of weird!  Warning: this gets kinda devvy…brace yourself!

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