Community Benefits from Peer Code Review


Nobody likes being told that they’re wrong, right? Unless, I guess, you’re some kind of masochist. Personal quirks aside, though, everybody can benefit from somebody else taking a looking at their work and providing feedback. It happens informally all of … Continue reading

Removing PHP4 Compatibility in WordPress Custom Widgets

There I was. Working on adding PHP docblocks to widgets.php in /wp-includes, like you do, when I came across this: So I set about trying to figure out the appropriate @since parameter to use. Do I base the @since on … Continue reading

WordSesh 3 – 24 Hours of WordPress Presentations

WordSesh   24 Hours of WordPress   December 20th at 0 00 UTC 0

It’s that time of year again — WordSesh is back for itsĀ third year! This year it is being held on Saturday, December 20th fromĀ 00:00 – 24:00 UTC. Not sure how to coordinate UTC time with your time zone? Don’t worry … Continue reading

Viva La WordCamp!

WordCamp Las Vegas 2014

It’s time for WordCamp Las Vegas! It is being held this year from Saturday, DecemberĀ 13th until Sunday, December 14th at theĀ Innevation Center. This WordCamp offers two different tracks — Developer/Designer and User/Business. On Sunday, there will also be a workshop … Continue reading

WDS Holiday Charity Competition!


With the holidays fast approaching, our team at WebDevStudios wanted to do something special that got everyone on our team into the holiday spirit, and into the spirit of giving! Each of our teams at WDS has chosen a charity … Continue reading

Customizing the WordPress Dashboard by Creating a Simple Admin Theme Plugin

In this post, youā€™re going to learn how to create a simple Admin Theme for WordPress. An Admin Theme can be used to create your own color scheme for the WordPress Dashboard or make minor tweaks to the theme that … Continue reading

Using Transients with WordPress to Cache All the Things!


Update 12/8/2014: I’m not going to tell you not to cache all the things. You should absolutely cache all the things. However Otto wrote up a convincing argument about why you shouldn’t cache all the things using transients in the … Continue reading

Website Design Workflow: Creating a Living Style Guide

Sample Style Guide Page showing a project's color variables

There is no shortage of information about style guides. In fact, while I was writing this post I saw a tweet from Brad Frost announcing the launch of which he described as ā€œan open-source website for sharing resources about … Continue reading

Five Reasons Why Iā€™m Thankful for WordPress


As a Front-end WordPress Developer, Iā€™ve become an avid reader of WordPress Tavern; their articles are always relevant to me and of a very high quality with just the right amount of new information. Their recently published article, 6 WordPress … Continue reading

WebDevStudios is Dedicated to the Future of WordPress!


At the end of September, Matt Mullenweg published a blog post outlining his vision of Five for the Future. DradCast interviewed Matt at WordCamp San Francisco 2014, here’s what he had to say: WebDevStudios is Dedicated to the Future of … Continue reading