It’s That Time Again…Win a Copy of Professional WordPress!

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If you’re a long time WebDevStudios fan and/or one of the brilliant people we’ve had the fortune of connecting with through the WordPress community, you’re probably familiar with the Professional WordPress books written by Brad Williams, David Damstra, and Hal Stern. The third edition of Professional WordPress was released January 15th; we hosted a giveaway in honor of its release, and we figured hey, we’re probably overdue to host another one…dontchyathink?

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New Jersey, Come Learn About WordPress Multisite!

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Hey hey! Calling all New Jersey WordPress nerds! The New Jersey WordPress meetup group (organized by a few familiar faces) is hosting the indomitable Brad Williams for a presentation on WordPress Multisite.

The presentation itself will be a basic introduction to WordPress Multisite, including showing how to set-up and use Multisite and going over some of the benefits of using WordPress Multisite. The event will be taking place at Cowerks, a rad coworking space in Ashbury Park.

In case you have somehow stumbled across this blog without any prior knowledge of Brad Williams (or WDS): Brad is our CEO, as well as one of the authors of Professional WordPress. He has an extensive background in WordPress and web development; if you have questions about WordPress or about entrepreneurial endeavors, this is a rare opportunity to catch him and ask him questions in person!

Brad’s the right guy to ask! After all, our team has created some amazing work using WordPress Multisite, like:

In addition to design and development, we created a multisite network that allows them to tailor regional specific content for their audience.

We developed HobNob Local’s network of sites that help local businesses reach local residents, encourage residents to support their local economy, and strengthen the community they live in. The local community sites also allow residents to learn about the going ons in their community real time from their mobile devices.

We’re especially proud to say we got to work with the largest school district in New Jersey! WDS migrated over seventy sites from a proprietary CMS into WordPress. Now the Newark Public School District calendar can post events to all of the schools, and each school in the district is a part of their multisite network. is an awesome organization that you may be familiar with; they were responsible for making the incredible Philly Tech Week take place! By getting them set up on WordPress Multisite, they are now better equipped to support and enhance local technology communities through news, events, and services.

Brad’s presentation on WordPress Multisite is on Thursday, April 30th, 2015, 7 PM – 9 PM! Cowerks is located at 619 Lake Ave, 3rd Floor, Asbury Park, NJ. Join and RSVP right here (or heck, DON’T RSVP and show up anyway!), go meet yourself some fellow WP-heads, and learn something new!

5 Tips for Managing Projects Efficiently

Every project tends to be unique in requirements, goals, and size, but you can manage almost every project using a similar process. The key is finding ways to managing your projects efficiently. You aren’t always going to have a project manager available to you; maybe you’re a freelancer, or maybe you’re managing your own team! This post is for you! I’ve outlined five tools that help me to manage projects in the best possible way I can…well, besides a giant cup of coffee. 

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Releasing Plugin Updates and Handling Security Vulnerabilities

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In my last article, I walked you through getting your plugin up and running on the plugin repository. In this follow up article I want to talk about releasing updates and new versions of your plugin.
I will also touch on the topic of security vulnerabilities and how to deal with them, which is a frightening topic for many people but by following a few simple steps you will save yourself a lot of stress and look like a hero to your users.

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The Lonely Presser Guide to WordCamps


Have you ever used one of those Lonely Planet guidebooks? Yeah, me neither. But I’m told they’re pretty fantastic for getting the skinny about a particular place you might want to go. Like, really detailed, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy-level detail, so that you know almost as much as an actual local. Actually, I lied; I actually have used a Lonely Planet guide–the Lonely Planet British Phrasebook, which did actually have a surprising amount of valuable information when I went for a semester abroad in Norwich, England.

This post will hopefully offer the same amount of information, except for WordCamps, whether you know what a WordCamp is or you’re organizing (or volunteering for) your first WordCamp.

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Making Developer-Friendly Themes and Plugins

As every newbie knows, when you’re starting out it’s much easier to download or purchase a theme or plugin than to make your own. However, as you grow into WordPress, you find these ‘commercial’ themes/plugins cumbersome to edit or extend.
In this post, I’ll show you my recommendations for making an extensible plugin/theme, and the WordPress tools to help you do it (as well as my opinion of commercial themes–let the slicing begin!).

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Getting Small with Modular Design as QA


I’ve written about the QA process ’round these parts before, sure. A while back I penned a piece on how to streamline and focus your QA process to ensure that you didn’t miss any of those finer details which can sometimes fall between the cracks. This time? We’re taking a step back from the actual QA process and we’re starting at the start of it all.

In the beginning, there was man

Okay, so maybe not THAT far back.

In the beginning, there were mockups

That’s better.

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Maintainn Gets a Refresh!

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If you’ve been keeping your eyes on WebDevStudios news, you already know that Maintainn and WebDevStudios are family. They have a brand new site that looks absolutely gorgeous (thanks to the killer Maintainn team and to one of our teams headed by Jaimie, including Chris, Damon, DustyGreg, Ben, Simon, Aubrey, and Ryan). We are super proud to support them as they continue to grow and offer their incredible WordPress support services, and very excited to see where this new refresh takes them next.

webdevstudios, maintainn, wordpress support services, wordpress support, wordpress tech support, site maintenance, site security

Read more about Maintainn’s update over on their blog, and hey, don’t take my word for how fantastic the new site looks–give it a glimpse yourself!

Hey hey hey! Philly Tech Week 2015 Starts This Friday!

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Many of you already know that Philly is close to our hearts; although our team is distributed, our headquarters is technically in Philly! In the spirit of supporting Philly, we are pleased to say that some of the WebDevStudios team will be in attendance at Philly Tech Week 2015!

Philly Tech Week kicks off this Friday, April 17th, and continues through the week until April 25th. Here are a few events we’ll definitely be checking out, and if you’re a Philly local, join us!

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The Fundamentals of Writing Clean Code


Writing “clean” code is something we talk about a lot in software development. Developing for the web is no different in the pursuit of code that is “clean” than any other type of programming. It’s also something that you could write a book about (and people have). Without getting into a ridiculous amount of detail, there are some pretty simple best practices to live by that will make your code cleaner right now.

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