Migration Strategy

Migrate Your Current Website to WordPress

Many people have started a blog using third party blogging software only to find there are many limitations. ¬†We can help you transfer your blog to WordPress without starting all over! ¬†WebDevStudios migration services include migrating all of your blog posts, text, images, videos and comments over to your new WordPress website. ¬†Your readers won’t miss a beat and you will be able to take advantage of all the features WordPress has to offer.

For more information on website migration check out our WordPress Website Migration Package.

Transfer Your Website to a New Hosting Account

Moving your existing website to a new hosting account can be stressful and confusing, but we can help! Let our experienced website experts move your website to any hosting provider with little or no downtime! We are highly experienced working with database driven websites, including open source solutions, and understand the proper steps necessary to successfully transfer any website setup to any hosting provider.

We can handle all steps involved including:

  • Website files transfer
  • Database export/import
  • DNS Domain updates
  • SSL Certificate (https) transfer

Not sure where to host? We’ll work with you to help find a new website hosting provider that fits your needs and criteria for reliable web hosting. We work with many different hosting providers, including Windows and Linux solutions, and can work with any website setup.

Let the experts help transfer your existing website to a new hosting account and avoid the headaches and problems that can arise from downtime and improper configuration.

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