Be Social with WordPress & BuddyPress

Create your own social network with the power of WordPress and BuddyPress. BuddyPress is a plugin that extends the WordPress core functionality creating a powerful social networking platform. Think of BuddyPress as a social network in a box, including all of the features you are accustomed to.

Interested in seeing some of the amazing work we’ve done recently with BuddyPress? Head on over to the WebDevStudios portfolio to see some of the great projects we have worked on.

Connect users

Connecting users is critical to any network. We can build connections and do it with your WordPress investment.

Scalable Network

Expand individual experiences by allowing users to have their own website using WordPress Multisite.

Share Content

Don’t be limited to a single type of content. BuddyPress allows you to create custom content to be shared!


Why Use BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is “a la carte”, allowing you to choose which features you want on your website. If you only want a few specific features, BuddyPress will automatically adapt, making it very easy to customize.

BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin, which allows you to integrate any and all BuddyPress features to your existing WordPress website.

BuddyPress Features

Activity Stream

Individual, global, and group activity streams with threaded commenting

Extended Profiles

Easily create custom user profile fields to suit your audience.


Create public, private, and hidden groups for your members.

Private Messaging

Private conversations between one or groups of users

Friend Connections

Allow your users to become friends and track friends activities.


Receive notifications for all activity from your friends, groups, and networks.


Why Use WDS?

The WDS team has contributed to the core development of BuddyPress since its original release. Our team has a deep understanding of how BuddyPress works and the proper ways to customize BuddyPress to meet your needs.

Whether you want integrate a single BuddyPress feature, or launch an entire social network, WebDevStudios can help.


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Thank you to your team for such excellent work. This project was our first project together, but it felt like we were already long time partners. What a fun, professional group of people you have over there.

Mark Junkunc // Uber Technologies, Inc.

Lisa, Brad and the entire team at WebDev are friendly, honest, and always bring great solutions to the table. We’ve been really impressed with their development team’s level of professionalism and expertise. They did a great job on building Crime Feed and we’re looking forward to launching more projects with WebDev this year.

Jessica Wolfley // Discovery Communications

Throughout this design project, we were consistently pleased and impressed by the work done. The guys at WebDevStudios know WordPress. They were able to solve every problem, and deliver every feature we requested, even when it meant building something from scratch. What we wanted wasn’t going to be easy, but they were able to deliver it superbly.

Jeff Carter // rockbrookcamp.com

Since we knew exactly what we wanted our site to be and how it should look, we worked very closely with the team. They were both attentive and prompt, and make changes quite readily as we requested them.

Sherry Howard // weareblackwomen.com

The WebDev team listened to our concerns and goals, proposed and then implemented a solid plan and executed it on time. They made a daunting task very manageable.

Kathleen Mitchell // kitmitchell.com

The WebDevStudios team was amazing to work with. They were very professional and easily accessible. They worked hard to create a vision for the website, incorporating all of our requests and feedback. Every question was answered quickly and the team went above and beyond what we asked of them.

Nikki Katz // blogworld.com

We have been very pleased with the excellent responsiveness and expertise of the team at WebDevStudios.  I am particularly impressed with the way in which WebDevStudios has taken ownership of this entire application, recommending new functionality and features to improve the application significantly beyond our original specification.

Daniel Tretter // Research Manager - HP Labs

I am honored and glad to be a part of the WebDevStudios client family. I love my website. I enjoyed working with April, Justin and Scott. I greatly appreciate the professionalism, creativity, responsiveness and guidance given to me throughout the entire design process.

Dorothy Ernst // plantingmyvoice.com

My previous designer’s deadline was months overdue. Brad & Chris picked up where my other guy left off. Gave me a time and date the project would be done and nailed it! Love the professionalism! Love the design!

“Q” // CappersPicks.com

Lisa Sabin-Wilson was the perfect designer for my project. She’s a fellow book author, so she has a personal understanding of what readers want and need on an author’s site. She also has a knack for interpreting the client’s ideas into something incredible. I utilized her services dually because I learned how to use WordPress via her book WordPress for Dummies, and there wasn’t one design I saw on Lisa’s site that isn’t gorgeous.

Reyna Gobe // graduationdebt.org


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