Jay Wood

Lead Backend Developer
Oak Hill, WV
Jay’s passion for computers began back in the late 90’s when his wife, then girlfriend, gave him and old Tandy computer.  Once he graduated high school, and moved out of his parent’s house, bought his own computer, and a book, PHP for Dummies.  After a two year journey of teaching himself PHP and MySQL he refined his skills and started using multiple CMS systems.  Jommla was his first, followed by Drupal, and then WordPress.  He has stuck with WordPress ever since.
During his off-time he manages a Minecraft server for his friends as well as a few CentOS systems for existing clients.  He enjoys writing custom plugins for WordPress when a new idea arises and playing with API’s.  He loves learning new things and telling him that it cannot be done, gives him more of a reason to do it.

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