Melissa Hoppe

Project Manager

Melissa has been around technology as far back as she can remember. She watched her parents and family members play around on flip phones and hearty desktop computers. She even use to create her own “Myspace” layouts with HTML when that was popular. Now that she’s older — it’s obvious she’d find a career within the web.

She was a customer service representative at WebDevStudios from 2013 to 2015. Throughout those 2 years, she has learned a lot from her amazing fellow team members. She has now moved into the position of Project Manager and will be working closely with clients and the team to ensure that all communication is seamless and all tasks are up to date. Melissa is excited to expand her career within WDS and dig deeper into the WordPress world.

In her free time, Melissa enjoys spending time with the love of her life; her daughter Juniper. She’s an avid gamer and a social butterfly. You can usually find her in the middle of the crowd keeping everyone entertained.